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Kimpton, Thruxton and Fyfield Church of England Primary School



The aim of Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) is to foster better relationships between parents and their children's schools.

PTAs create a partnership which helps the school listen to and deal with parents' concerns; and for parents to learn more about the school and how to improve their children's education. PTAs do not necessarily represent the views of all parents but they can be an excellent forum for communication and a basis for partnership between parents and schools.

All parents are automatically members of our school's PTA and your support is always welcome. You may choose to be a 'silent' member and support us in name only, you may choose only to attend PTA meetings to discuss forthcoming events and spending decisions, of you may choose to become a full member and take a full and active role. Whatever you choose to do, we appreciate your support.

If you would like to join our PTA, please get in touch with us through the School Office on 01264 772297, or pop in to offer your services. We'd love to hear from you!

PTA Events are advertised on the school website in the Calendar, also in the school newsletter and the PTA newsletter. 



We recommend the following 2 sources to help raise money for our school:

  • Easy Fundraising
    It doesn't cost you a penny extra when you shop the easyfundraising way with one of our 3,079 shops and sites. They give us a commission for your purchase. We turn that into a donation and give it to your good cause.

  • Stikins - Label Planet
    The Stikins school fundraising scheme has distributed many thousands of pounds amongst participating schools every October since the scheme began back in 2004. We want to give schools and PTAs the opportunity to earn commission while helping parents to safely and securely label their children's belongings - in return, we want to grow our brand (Stikins ®) and supply name labels to as many parents as possible. To support the efforts of our fundraising partners we pay out the highest name label commission rate in the UK (30%); we also produce 5 free printed name labels for each new child starting at the school each year. We offer truly simple fundraising ideas to help schools and PTAs achieve more from their fundraising projects without taking up precious resources.

Thanks to Fastlabels for acting as our sticker supplier/provider.




PTA meeting minutes are listed below for viewing.

Meeting Minutes